Background Accounting

The motivation to develop this software was after we saw the frustrations amongst our clients who were using competitor products that were either too advanced or simply complicated to use.

The question then was “what if we develop a software in such a way that the accounting double entry is performed in the background thereby freeing the user to not worry about how things are done but rather concentrate on what things should be done”. We then came up with the name “Background Accounting” as the actual accounting is performed in the background through a series of interlinked formula.

We have a dedicated department which acts as a software Call Center and Support department. Whilst our software is easy to use we discovered that there will always be clients who want us to do the job for them. This department takes care of all outsourced accounting work from some of our clients. In addition we offer ongoing software support to clients that use our software.

Background Accounting is an integrated Business Processes and Accounting System where the emphasis is on business processes and all book-keeping tasks are performed in the background. It is a template or module-based software where the actual posting to the general ledger is done at the end of the process through a series of built-in calculations and procedures.

The software is arranged into modules or templates that represent practical business processes such as:

Modules Reports
Capital Module
Cash Book Module
Expenses Module
Fixed Assets Module
Investment Module
Payroll Module
Petty Cash Module
Purchases/Stock Module
Manufacturing Module
Sales/Debtors Module
Balance Sheet
Budget Report
Cash Flow Statement
Fixed Assets Listing
Fixed Assets Register
General Ledger
Income Statement
Management Accounts
Pay Slips
Supplier Statements
Trial Balance

As the user is busy performing the above tasks the system is busy generating the relevant accounting ledger balances in the background.
Any error corrections or modifications to the business processes (documents) automatically lead to correction or modification of the relevant ledger entries without the need for passing journal entries.

Whilst the system can be used by any size company or organization, Background Accounting is best suited for small to medium size companies or organizations.

If you have no or limited accounting knowledge, we have a software for you that is not only ridiculously low priced but robust.